Customer Testimonial

I bought my “Claws and Paws” GPS locator system from Rebekah of Streetwise Pets in mid-2020. Rebekah was very helpful in setting up the device, registering it and fully preparing it for use on my dog Jessie. The device sits comfortably on Jessie’s harness and she quickly got used to wearing it. We live in Levin and particularly wanted something to track Jessie’s movements because she is a hunter, and would disappear for hours at a time when we were out walking her. In particular she would chase rabbits in Kowhai Park, the town’s dog walking park, and we would not be able to find her. One of the great facilities of this device and its associated “app” is that we can electronically “Geo-fence” Kowhai Park, and the device will send an alarm to us if Jessie leaves the park.
I would recommend this device (and the larger “ultimate K9 Device”) to anyone who has problems with wandering pets and the hassle of trying to find them.

Bryan Wells