Tracking interval feature available on our GPS Tracking Device

Curious what your pet is up to right now? Our Animal tracker has a neat real time GPS tracking feature. The tracking intervals are:

Normal mode: 10 min 
Power save: 1hr and follow 1 min updates

Choose between 1min, 10 min & hourly updates. If your pet moves, the App location will be updated according to the setting. The device can always be instantly located irrelative of the interval setting. Merely push locate and the device will be tracked in real-time. The lower the setting the more battery power the device consumes. I would suggest the 10 min interval however if you don't mind charging the device more often the 1 min interval works absolutely perfect.

To start, I would recommend setting it to the 1 min interval just to get used to it. You can change it to another setting as you go along.  Please note: If set to the hourly interval you will not be able to do a history report. When you login to the app you will see a menu and you click on the Location update schedule and this will give you the option to choose Normal mode:10m or Power Save Mode 1h or Follow: 1m. When you tick what option you would like, click save.

Another thing to keep in mind is Power saving hourly updates- This setting uses MORE BATTERY POWER THAN THE FIRST TWO INTERVAL SETTINGS. The reason for this is the device goes into deep sleep turning both the GPS & GSM Modules off. On an hourly interval the device then wakes up, the GPS as well as the GSM Module gets turned on, the device searches for signals as well as the satellites, resulting in a higher consumption of battery power. If you will be tracking your pet regularly, be aware that you will have to charge the device more often.

On the hour interval setting as well as the 10 minute interval, the history report playback does not show a true reflection where your pet has been. If you have a busy pet and don't mind charging the device often, then the 1 min interval setting gives the best experience.