Love this GPS tracker! My cat Garfield loves to go on a wee roam round the neighborhood and even though he has a set time that he stays in for the night, sometimes he doesn't follow (cats of course know no rules except their own). This made me worry at times because he needs medication for his Hyperthyroidism. With the use of this GPS if he isn't home when he needs his medication, I can now go find him and bring him. It's really accurate and it's a nice peace of mind that I can find him when I need to. Casey Hoatten


We bought the K9 pet tracker from Rebekah for our Border terrier. We're on a farm and from day one of him wearing it it has proved its worth. Him and his mate went off after a hare in thick fog so we couldn't see them. However we looked at the app and were able to pinpoint them pretty easily. The app gives your location as well as the dog's and shows how many metres apart you are. When we were within 50 metres of them we set off the 'find locator' function which plays quite a loud tune from the collar - really helpful in thick fog or if your dog's gone bush! Having this tracker has given us great peace of mind and I have no hesitancy in recommending it. Anne Leang


“Bought a GPS tracker for my cat who often disappears for a few hours at a time, to see where she goes. Turns out not very far at all, mainly she seems to be in the neighbours garden! My cat is a small female and I was worried about the size of the tracker but it was fine, fitted her well and didn't bother her at all. It was easy to set up and great service from Streetwise Pets, highly recommended." - Tom 


“Fantastic service from Streetwise Pets, we purchased a GPS for our wandering cat. The GPS arrived with in a few days of ordering, it was all set up with a SIM card and credit, and my account was already set up. The GPS itself is fairly small, well suited to a cat, and is actually quite accurate. The app to view where the cat has been works well and is simple to use." - Andre



"My senior cat started roaming very far and went missing a time or two. I am so impressed with this little device. I know exactly where he is at all times, plus the collar doesn’t bother him at all. Please consider it if you’re concerned about your pets’ whereabouts." - Steven 


Awesome service. Delivery super fast and just what I needed. Snowman had disappeared for the weekend - exploring was only ever overnight before and we were really stressed. Rebekah is super friendly and helpful and the tracker was already set up with a sim and ready to go. Might be back for cat #2. Steph Hughes


We’ve had the tracker almost a week now and I wish we had gotten one sooner!!! Our boy Oscar thinks his 11acre farm isn’t enough and sometimes likes to go on adventures...that have seen him end up in doggy prison or on the highway 🤦🏻‍♀️
He hasn’t wandered off on us again...yet....but still being able to see exactly where he is on the farm (or the next door neighbours farm) is such a relief. A weight has been lifted off of our shoulders just knowing we can find him in a heart beat if we loose eyes on him.
I think he’s enjoying us being a bit more relaxed while he’s off his lead and a little perplexed as to how we know exactly where he is now but all parties are VERY happy.
Thank you so so much for bringing this to NZ. K9 Ultimate Plus. 


The claws and paws device has been a life saver for me. After losing our cat for a period of time when we moved house I was really stressed about letting him back out after we found him again. This device completely eliminates this stress as I always know where he is, plus it’s really fun to watch where he ventures every night. Completely recommend for the peace of mind, you can’t put a price on the safety of a family member. Excellent customer service too :) Teagan Rei


My 5 month old bengal can finally go out! This device definately gives me peace of mind letting my kitten out and after figuring out how it all works its great to use! Diana Hu


We had tried a number of GPS tags in the past and they hadn’t lasted very long. I heard about the K9 GPS collar on the radio and quickly looked up the streetwise pets website. We are really pleased with this product, it does more than we had expected. We live rurally and so having a virtual fence allows us to know if our dog has strayed beyond our property. The device sends a notification to our phone. Also because we have a Labrador, we needed a device that can get wet. Our dog has run through streams and the device works fine. Rebekah is fantastic. She has lots of information and videos that she shares with you so that you can set up your device correctly. Plus she starts the process with the Sim card and supports you if you have any issues. We are so impressed with this product, the support service and the communication. We recommend it 100% to pet owners who want to track their pets if they get lost. Sarah Cobbum


Super helpful even after purchase had been completed and great communication with any questions I had, gives me peace of mind knowing I can find my kitty if she gets lost. Cindy Stiven



The GPS cat tracker unit we purchased recently is a great little device for monitoring our new kittens movements outside - the support and service from Streetwise Pest in setting the device up was excellent - Shane Byrne-King


Great product, it does everything I need it to. The service from Streetwise is very responsive and thorough, I highly recommend them. Adrian Ward


Brilliant product and great peace of mind for us after adopting a rescue dog. Thank you. Debbie Seth


Purchased a Streetwise Pets GPS tracker after my border terriers decided they would go for an overnight rabbit hunt! Rebekah was fantastic in helping me to set up, great service.. I love this tracker, has real time, maps, can set up a geo fence and can even phone them and tell them to get home 😁 yes its true I phoned and could hear them brushing past objects.(not that they would obey if they were in the middle of a hunt but good to know you could connect with them). Its the first time I am not stressing about getting them inside before it turned dark outside, I let them run til they were ready to come in, keeping my App open to check on them, and when they did come in I noticed they were more settled and ready for bed. Peace of mind I love it! Highly recommend. Rose Barrow


The quality of product and service is great. Rebekah called me prior to sending the unit and has answered my questions very efficiently. The videos are extremely helpful in setting up the device. The GPS unit has helped us identify where our doggo was escaping. Jill Holdgate


We just bought the Cat GPS tracker. It's a great product. We now know where our cat is, he's serial wanderer, so this is great peace of mind. The APP hardly uses any data on the tracker, battery life is good, we're getting 4-5 days (keep it on the 10min setting). Glen Child


Streetwise pets have been a real pleasure to deal with from my first enquiry to the arrival of the device. Rebekah provide excellent documentation with the device, so setup was very easy.
The product itself is not as chunky as I thought it might be and fits my 7 month-old wandering cat Frankie, really well. I now know where Frankie wanders and can almost instantly find him if I am worried. Every pet parent who has a wanderer (and he goes for miles!!) should get one. Marty Taylor


Streetwise is the best company who sell GPS tracker for cates!! I have got my cat a cute GPS collar with a perfect tiny size device attached on it. My cat won’t even know there is something tracking him. It won’t matter the Breathe or balance of cats at all. On the app, it will show me my cat’s active location, updated every single minute. Also it will keep a daily record about all the path my cats has been. And there is 3 models of maps. The most amazing thing is, I can get the access to my cats’s surroundings sound!! And I like the way it shows me, I send a request first and the the app will show me I get a phone call from my cat. It feels like my cat is really calling me by himself. Once I pick the call up, I can hear the sound s from little birds, cars from the street, or even a sound of my cat’s little steps when he is running or jumping on the roof of house. Streetwise is doing magic! P.S. Streetwise is a NZ company!! And they have the best customer service!! Full of patients and always keep customers updated, always sort out my questions and even give me a call to show me how to set up etc. This is a really good company which I can get in touch with them, compare to any other gps collar online shops, Streetwise is the best. I am so lucky and proud I get this collar from Streetwise. Definitely highly recommend. Cecilia Heng


I think the tracker works really well, it’s great being able to see where my cat is while I’m at work. I would advise anyone considering buying this to check your 2g network coverage as it isn’t great in our area so doesn’t always work. Hannah Reed


Very good communication, friendly and quick service. Detailed instructions which was great and even follow up to see how the tracking with our little Bert Monster. Happy to recommend. Geoff Smollett


Amazing device. I'm now able to see exactly where my cat is in the neighbourhood which puts my mind at ease after he was taken a few months ago. The Geofence setting enables you to set a virtual fence so when your cat exits an area, an alert is sent to your phone. Definitely recommend this if you have a cat that frequently wanders. Chrystal Russell


Streetwise Pets have given us a safe sense of security knowing. That our babies safe 💜 and I can check on her when I'm not home aswell..
Alot of her breed are being stolen atl the moment. She is a staffi and so I'm very cautious.
Lucky she's not a wanderer But always a chance for her to wander off..
But with this device I feel abit more safe.
Rebekah has been wonderful in helping me through working it out.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it too any one for there fur baby 😉 Jo Day
Great customer service and prompt responses to any questions. The device works really well and only took a couple of days to arrive. Bowies a 18 month old cat had been missing twice recently. He was hit by a car and broke his pelvis, we couldn't find him and it took him 3 days to make his way home. When he recovered from the broken pelvis he disappeared for 6 days, likely got locked in somewhere as he came home healthy but starving after 6 days. The peace of mind to be able to find him when he needs it is such a releif and not needing to spend hours searching when you don't know where to start. We charge the GPS each night which doesn't take long and have had no problems with the tracker. He got his collar off once (we put the tracker on his quick release collar) and I was able to use the app to find the collar under the neighbours trees. I would highly recommend this for a cat who explores and the service I've received from streetwise pets has been fantastic. Thanks so much. Rachel Miller


When we moved out of our apartment I wasn't so sure about letting my cats out of the house, especially when they had been indoor cats for the past few years. After much research I had decided to give Streetwise Pets a go, and looking back now I'm so glad I did! I was worried about the size/weight of the trackers, since my cats hadn't even worn collars. Fortunately they didn't seem to have noticed at all. The setup was a breeze, and the GPS is pretty spot on - give or take 1 - 4m (we now live in a fairly packed suburban area with good 2G coverage). The battery lasts almost a week; granted we only have the trackers on for 12 hours a day. I did have some minor mechanical issue with one of the trackers, and Rebekah sorted it out for me right away even though it was the holiday season. Quick email response too.

Thank you Rebekah + team! It's simply wonderful to have that sense of security when I let my fur babies out =) Cindy 


Excellent customer service. Lisa


Great communication. I like that Streetwise are always very responsive on emails and texts.
I got a Claws & Paws GPS tracker so I could keep track of where my cat is, after the time when she did not return home for two days. With it, I get to understand her routes and favourite hiding places.
Will def recommend to everyone! Shawn W




Was so excited to receive this cool tracker..
Great service, great instructions and great unit. Great after sales followup.
I love how I can now happily locate my wandering social cat, so each night he can be safely tucked up in our house and it stops me stressing and wandering the streets calling for him… we can locate him easily every time we need to.. Highly recommend this unit. Lynn 


I bought K9 Ultimate Plus trackers for our two dogs when we moved to a rural area. I feel so good about this decision. It's great giving them the freedom of wondering freely around our land and having peace of mind that I can check where they are if they wonder off too far or chase a rabbit.

The tracker itself works well and the battery lasts for days. Rebekah was amazing at giving me guidance and answering my questions about using the app. She also set up the devices on the app for me, which was great! She provides excellent customer service and really looks after her customers! Tania 


I bought these trackers for our two 8 month old Burmese kittens. We live in an area mainly surrounded by native bush and were concerned they would roam and get lost. Despite some difficulties around the accuracy of their location, probably due to the trees, they have been fantastic at letting us know where the cats are. On one occasion when one of them was stuck up a tree, the tracker helped us locate him as he was very far from home. I'm 100% sure we would not have found him without it. The kittens have had no problem with the size of the tracker on their collars and the app is pretty easy to operate. I would definitely recommend these trackers to other pet owners. Angela


Great experience with Streetwise, we've recently put the Paws and Claws tracker on our very social cat Bandit, he's been missing twice in the past few months causing us much anxiety and stress, now with the GPS we're able to keep an eye on him, such a relief knowing where he is. The support and communication from Rebekah is great, quick replies and great instructions to set up the device. Benjamin


We have tried unsuccessfully for some time to find a GPS system for our Maincon Taika. Other makes and models have been unreliable, short battery life and zero support.
Thankfully we gave Streetwise Pets a go and Im happy to report It works great!! The whole experience has been awesome. Right from the start Streetwise was in contact with us, keeping us in the loop even lettinge me know the 2g coverage in my street was not optimal. The unit was fully tested before we received it and we were given 3 different app option that works with their GPS devise. 100% recommend Streetwise Pets, thank you guys!!!! Paul


These tracking collars are amazing and well worth the buy! Gives me some peace of mind at home knowing the whereabouts of the little ones 🐱 very accurate and so easy to set up/use. Definitely recommend to anyone considering a tracking collar! Yazmin


Love the GPS collar. Our cat Finn goes on long adventures in our rural suburb so it has been interesting to see where he trots off to. Great for peace of mind as we have lost him for long periods of time before. Fast charging and long lasting battery, not bulky on our small cat. Great kiwi customer service too, big benefits of supporting NZ owned products! Megan


Im really happy with my tracker so far. I purchased it after my little dog went AWOL for two weeks. We're rural and i walked the hills, and worried my self sick the whole time, convinced my self he was dead and then he came home! Skinny but 100% fine. So I looked into products that would help me narrow down the search area if there's a next time. I chose street wise pets because of its nz operation, relatively easy app to navigate and I received excellent communication with all enquiries from Rebekah. Much to my dogs dismay we've managed to capture him leaving the designated 'fenced' area and retrieve him before he wanders too far. 100% recommend. Case


Brilliant tracker and awesome response time! Ordered and came the next day. Really easy to use and see where my pet has been wandering to and from. Has great features to hear their surroundings, and easy to locate. Battery life is great and collar fits brilliantly. Rebekah responds really fast to any queries. All in all, really awesome company and product! 😊 Victoria Smith


Fantastic product and service to back it up. Our GPS Trackers were delivered quickly and we had excellent communication throughout the process. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Streetwise Pets NZ - and neither would our two Tonks ;) J Lander. 


I’ve had several trackers for my cat, and Streetwise Pets tracker is the best by far. GPS functionality works without any hiccups, and since this tracker doesn’t require any subscription it is one of the cheapest! Mxm


Loving the Claws & Paws tracker. It is so accurate to pin point my naughty cat's whereabouts. A little tricky to get it set up at the start (detailed instructions provided) and really easy to use with the app. Rebekah has been super helpful from answering questions pre purchase and checking in afterwards. Highly recommend. Michelle


Best product I've ever purchased. Comes with instructions step by step. Ive got 2 cats and iam amazed to see how far they go. Have also recommended to my family and friends. Komai


AMAZING TRACKER! we have tried 3 different types of trackers on our bengal cat and this is by far the best. Uses accurate GPS tracking and is so easy to use. The best part is because it has a sim card if our cat child is close by but we cant see him we can just give him a call and the tracker rings. It is on the bigger side compared to tag trackers but sits on the collar well and doesnt annoy him when hes eating like the tag trackers.
You will be amazed how far your cat ventures! Becca O


Great tracker, I bought it for my 8 month old kitten and it was really useful keeping him safe or at least made it easier to find him if was having too much fun and forgot to come home for meals.
Weight: cat version is a lot smaller, with still a bit if weight but even my 8 month old kitten got used to it pretty quickly.
Battery: lasts pretty long compared to the other ones on the market, one of the reasons i chose it in the first place. My cat can wander up to 2.5days outdoors on a full charge before it runs out. The low battery text message function however isnt the most accurate.
Set up: fairly easy if you read the instructions very carefully, i had a bit of trouble figuring out why the gps couldnt locate when it’s in the house, something to do with the signals being intefered while indoors i think. One you figure out which address it shows up when gps is near the house you’ll get the hang of knowing how close your cat is to home. Marcia


I honestly can't rave enough about this collar. Luna is my third baby and made the decision that despite people in my house saying "she'll come back" and me retaliating saying "have you lost two cats already". This collar really puts me as ease knowing where she is. I'm able to hear where she is and if I lose the collar (or her) its got a feature that sounds like an alarm. So I'd be able to find it a lot more easier. I'm also able to see that places she's been too and overall this collar is a lot more safer than pawtrack. So please anyone in New Zealand or around the world. Please choose streetwise. You won't regret it. (I'll update the review once I get a photo of my little one wearing it sitting up, she is currently sleeping haha). Nicole


Great communication and fast shipping. Everything is described perfectly so there is no issues to set it all up. My cat does not mind wearing it and it even came with a collar and a jingle. Overall its a great device and helps us to keep eye on our little menace. Thank you! Noelle


I live in an area where it was not 100% for tracking on the Vodafone map, but I’ve had no problems at all. I highly recommend the product and Rebecca is great to deal with. It is very precise. I can zoom in on the map and I can tell if my cat is inside my next door neighbours house! No wonder he’s getting fatter… Ange Ange 


Very happy with my purchase of a claws and paws GPS tracker for my cat as he has had a head injury following a car accident and gets lost very easily. Has saved us a few times already and is also very interesting to see how far he wanders. Definitely recommend this product! Katie


I am extremely happy with this product and the service. I first received my device and unfortunately due to human error, had to send it back, I was not happy. However, Rebekah was happy to help and assisted me with a new one and set it up for me. The main reason for buying this device was because my cat went missing three times, one of those times being 13 and a half weeks! And now that I have moved, I was afraid to let her out. This device has changed everything. I’ve been able to let my cats out at the new house with peace of mind. I absolutely love it and can not wait to buy another one for my other cat. If you want peace of mind and be able to track your loved pets, I highly recommend you buy this product! Brytnie


Got my furbaby Boris the Claws & Paws GPS tracker and couldn't be happier with my purchase! Rebekah is a gem and was so patient and on point with my queries. This is the ultimate solution to my boy getting the best of both worlds!💙😻

Gives me so much peace of mind knowing where he is during the day as I keep him indoors at night and charging is quick and easy - takes only less than an hour. I've set up a Geo Fence so that I get alerts if he is beyond the safe zone, a few meters around my house. 👌 best gift we got him ever! He now gets to go on his mini adventures during the day and we are no longer stressed about his whereabouts! 🙌🐈♥️

I don't think i'll ever be confident letting Boris out and about had it not been for this absolutely amazing product. No fuss, easy to use and such a dream device!



As we live on a large property i wanted a device that would locate Cooper when she goes for a wander. I had tried bluetooth and also radio frequency, which didnt have location or distance. Decided to try tracker as an alternative. This is a much better solution as we know exactly where she is. An added bonus is being able to call Cooper on the phone
This rings the tracker and she comes running home.
Also low cost of operation without ongoing monthly fees like similar trackers.
The only downside is having to charge every three days. But you can limit use by turning off from the app when dog is home.
Highly recommend

Fiona Marris


We purchased the K9 Ultimate Plus unit a couple of weeks ago for our 6 month old pup Oscar.
Fortunately Rebekah set up the Vodafone sim and we simply added the $20 credit which was a simple process. The rest of the process was extremely simple, we loaded the app on both of our phones and on my computer and it has proved to be dead accurate, could even watch progress as my wife took the pup down the track for his exercise. The unit updates every few minutes. The battery lasts around 3 days which is plenty long enough.
One thing that had me puzzled was a reading that showed Oscar was 2 kilometres away when I knew he was inside the house, that was until I realised the problem was that the unit couldn't see the satellite, soon as he was outside it immediately corrected.
The K9 is a great little unit that gives real peace of mind.


Our family has two cats and ordered one Claws and Paws tracker to begin with. We liked it so much that we soon ordered another.
Now we can easily and quickly see where our cats are. It’s really very comforting and also fascinating to see what they get up to!
We have been very impressed with how long the trackers stay charged. This is very important to us as we are out all day.
Rebekah is great to deal with and has been very helpful when we’ve needed advice on the set-up.
We highly recommend the Claws and Paws tracker!



We are thrilled with the Claws and Paws tracker that we bought for our cat Ash. Provided if
theres mobile coverage, the accuracy is unbelievable. Helped us locate Ash a couple of times when she got lost at the park where we live. Good stuff!



Device works well. A little tricky trying to lift up flap to connect charger, but overall a very good device, and great that you can ring the device if it gets lost.



Excellent tracking service for our beagle. Tested it in rough weather and under foliage cover/ buildings. Seems to work just fine. Would highly recommend the product.



 Our dog "Shay" loves exploring the neighboring farms, and has had us very worried quite a few times. The Streetwise Pets GPS tracker works brilliantly, and we can now finally let her out again by herself. With 1-minute tracking updates, we can follow exactly where she is, always knowing when she is about to leave our property. The tracker works really well, even though phone reception is not the best here. And thank you Streetwise for your amazing and very patient support when we got a bit stuck with the set-up


This is an amazing product. I have a more active cat than I thought. Love seeing where she goes on her day trips around the area. Would recommend this to everyone. James


I am really happy with my tracker. Fits perfectly on my cat and doesn't get in the way of cats life. Would definetly recommend. Aravind


Love this tracker! Its saved us so many times when our cat has disappeared. And also just interesting to see where they go and who they visit! Highly recommend :) Nicole


Excellent service from Rebekah at Streetwise, with next day delivery too.
Great peace of mind for us when we let out our cats following an international house move. Debbie


Rebekah’s customer service is amazing. Genuinely caring about her customers, she answered all my questions. She checked in with me after the we started using the device to make sure everything was working.

I need more than 5 stars!

Thanks Streetwise Pets :) CJ


Thanks Rebekah for your great customer service I really appreciate it. Mark


I purchased this tracker to know where my girl was going an it is the absolutely best thing ever such a good feeling knowing, am the one time she got it off i tracked it,rung it and found it 😀 highly recommend and the service is awesome. Michelle


Our family has two cats and ordered one Claws and Paws tracker to begin with. We liked it so much that we soon ordered another.
Now we can easily and quickly see where our cats are. It’s really very comforting and also fascinating to see what they get up to!
We have been very impressed with how long the trackers stay charged. This is very important to us as we are out all day.
Rebekah is great to deal with and has been very helpful when we’ve needed advice on the set-up.
We highly recommend the Claws and Paws tracker! Sylvie


I think I would say I’m an expert on cat trackers, over the years I have tried so many different brands and kinds .
I can quite honestly say ‘ Streetwise ‘ is one of the best devices I have used .
The communication and customer service has been brilliant, they were so helpful getting me started .
Having the opportunity to use their trail tracker first was a great idea .
Congratulations STREETWISE . I think your on to a good product .
I will fully recommend them .
Finnegan , my cat doesn’t know what has hit him when I turn up in all his secret places !!!!
My cat is my best friend , I’ve all ready lost him once for 3 weeks . So having a cat tracker is a life saver for me. Julia


Great device for your peace of mind! The tracker is so easy to use and very accurate. So happy purchasing this for our baby cat, Jojo. Valerie


The Claws and Paws tracker is easy to use and has helped us track down our old cat three times already, as we have recently moved and he is a little confused! It has given us real peace of mind when letting him outside. Highly recommend. T Goodger


When we moved out of our apartment I wasn't so sure about letting my cats out of the house, especially when they had been indoor cats for the past few years. After much research I had decided to give Streetwise Pets a go, and looking back now I'm so glad I did! I was worried about the size/weight of the trackers, since my cats hadn't even worn collars. Fortunately they didn't seem to have noticed at all. The setup was a breeze, and the GPS is pretty spot on - give or take 1 - 4m (we now live in a fairly packed suburban area with good 2G coverage). The battery lasts almost a week; granted we only have the trackers on for 12 hours a day. I did have some minor mechanical issue with one of the trackers, and Rebekah sorted it out for me right away even though it was the holiday season. Quick email response too.

Thank you Rebekah + team! It's simply wonderful to have that sense of security when I let my fur babies out =) Cindy