About us


Hi! I’m Rebekah, the founder of Streetwise Pets. Our story begins in South Africa in February 2020, while visiting friends on the Western Cape. I noticed right away that their two beautiful cats had some pretty special-looking collars which I soon found out were GPS trackers. This allowed them the freedom to wander far and wide, day or night, while their mum and dad could relax at home with complete peace of mind. By opening an app on their phone, my friends could find out exactly which lush, green grove of trees the cats were busy exploring, or which neighbour they snuck off to for dessert! 

The penny dropped. Growing up in a pet-loving family, I knew in an instant that these collars would be game-changing for pet owners back home. We’d had our own pets who are apart of our family go exploring and never return, while some friend’s pets had been stolen, along with a piece of themselves. These collars would save so much heartbreak, I thought, as well as money (recovering a pooch from the pound is NOT cheap)! 

So I quickly reached out to Ernest, the owner of Streetwise Pets South Africa where my friends had purchased the collar, who kindly supported me in bringing the product to Aotearoa. And, well, here we are!

Our much loved Pets



Believe it or not, Missy is the mother of Harley. She’s getting old but is aging gracefully and is still very active and busy as all Border Collies are. She’d easily spend all day playing catch or fetch if she could. There’s no stopping her! She’s an absolute beach baby, and loves going to the beach with us in summer to chase gulls and jump over the waves.


Our little Harley is 8 years old and is a real Daddy’s-boy. He loves jumping in the work van with dad and heading to the workshop to watch him hit the tools. If he is left in the vehicle for a short while we’re guaranteed to find him sitting in the driver's seat with a big grin on his face when we get back!! He is the most loving animal we have ever had and just wants to connect all the time.


His name says it all. He’s often out all day, only to return home at night to plonk himself down on his favourite footstool in front of the fire. As with most cats, he chooses when he is in a lovey-dovey mood and when he needs his space. But he’s a true intrepid explorer. We were shocked to find out just how far he goes on his outdoor adventure missions! Thanks to the Claws & Paws Tracker, we now know where his favorite hideout spot is...