Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions and weight of Streetwise devices?

Claws & Paws


Ultimate K-9 Plus

What influences battery life of the products? 

Many factors contribute to how long the battery will last before the next charge is due. The GPS Module uses a lot of energy. Every time you push locate it consumes battery power. If a GEO-FENCE is set it also contributes to quick draining of the battery. 

Furthermore, the device also works on GSM Networks, and when the location information reaches your phone it uses battery power as well. Every time the device sends information the GSM Module is activated to transmit the information. If more than one user uses the App it will influence the battery life. 


A major factor to a battery depleting quicker than usual is poor network coverage in your area. If the network coverage is bad, the device in the background searches for a better signal and can search up to 50 times per hour for better signal. This consumes a lot of battery power and in this instance you might only get a 1 day battery life, if you are unsure about coverage in your area there is a Vodafone coverage map you can check with.

How do I charge the device?
The device comes with a USB Charger however you may also use a standard phone charger to charge the battery. Make sure it is 5V 1A Plug and not a fast charging plug.
Does the collar have a safety release?
Not the collars we provide however you can easily purchase one from The Warehouse or Animates etc. 
How do I track my cat or dog?
Download the app and login and you are on your way. 
Do I need to provide my own sim?
No we provide the sim but you will need to activate the sim, put it on a pay and go system and remove voicemail, I provide all the instructions on how to do this.You will need to load your own credit. 
How long does the battery last?
Please see below the question: What are the tracking interval setting options. 
Are the devices waterproof?
NO. The Claws & Paws device has a water resistant rating of IP66 and comes with a silicone pouch to help with water protection. So it is water resistant to international standards. As for the Ultimate K-9 Plus this is IP67 water resistant and also comes with a silicone pouch.
What are the tracking interval setting options? 

The device has 3 different interval settings-

1 Minute update intervals- 1 to 2 days used in moderation

10 Minute update intervals- 2 days + used in moderation

Power saving Hourly updates- This setting actually uses more battery power than the first two interval settings. The reason for this is the device goes into deep sleep turning both the GPS and GSM Modules off. On a hourly interval the device then wakes up, the GPS as well as GSM Module gets turned on, the devices searches for signal as well as satellites so this consumes a lot of battery power. 

The Ultimate K-9 Plus device has a battery with a much longer battery life. 

Only locate your pet when necessary, if you will be tracking the pet regularly be aware that you will have to charge the device more often. On the hour interval setting as well as the 10 minute interval, the history report playback does not show a true reflection where your pet has been. If you have a busy pet and do not mind charging the device often, the 1 minute interval gives the best experience. 

What happens when my pet loses the device? 

Sometimes there are incidents where the collar comes off and the pet returns without the device. Fortunately you should be able to track the device and locate the last know GPS position, however this is not always possible especially if the battery has gone flat or it is in an area where the reception isn't great. Streetwise Pets NZ is not responsible if it does get lost and cannot be found. 


Do you provide a collar? 
Yes we provide a collar however it is not a breakaway collar but you can easily find one at the Warehouse or Animates etc otherwise you can fit the device to your own collar. 
Can more than one person login to the App? 
Yes, Simply download the App to the second phone and login with your login details. Bear in mind when two people track the pet it will drastically decrease the battery life of the device and you will have to charge the device more often. 
How accurate is the device? 
The accuracy is up to 1 meter. This means the device worn by the pet will be tracked to the precise location the pet's at at a specific time, now that's pretty awesome. 
What network does the product make use of? 
Our devices work on a 2G network, which is a well established low power, low cost infrastructure and is widely used within the GPS Tracking industry. 
What is your returns policy? 
If you suspect the device is faulty, you may return the product to us in an overnight courier bag. In the same bag you have to enclose another paid-for-bag to enable us to send you a new device. "Tested, Trusted, Proven."  If you are not happy with the product you have a 7 day return policy, which means you have 7 days after receiving your item to request a return.
To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the original condition that you received it in together with everything that came with it, unused.  You’ll also need the receipt or proof of purchase. Original shipping costs will be deducted from the refund along with 25% handling fee and the shopify fee.
Where will our devices work? 
Vodafone have a coverage map that you can look at if you are concerned about if our devices will or will not work in your area. You can check your coverage click 2G and your location and you will see what the coverage is like in your area. I suggest doing this before purchasing. We are not responsible if you have issues due to coverage. 
What is included when I purchase a GPS device from you? 


In the Box: Claws & Paws- GPS Tracker manual, tweezer(To insert the simcard)USB cable for charging purposes, Collar, Pouch for the device, simcard and some instructions. 

Ultimate K-9 Plus device- User manual, USB charger, Collar, Pouch for the device, simcard and some instructions. 

Do you take care of the setup process?
No. We do provide clear instructions and we are happy to help with the process if you would like help. You will need to Activate the sim, Put it on a Pay and Go system and remove voicemail. Download the app on your phone. Register with the app. 
How long does $20.00 last? 
This varies and we cannot give an exact answer but we have found it lasts quite a long time, 5 months to 12 months depending on certain things. Please note that you do have to top-up at least once a year so the sim does not get de-activated. Please note substantial credit is used when you listen to the pets surroundings; this will be like a normal cellphone call charge. We have some customers that say they get a couple months use out of the $20.00 credit. It honestly depends on what you are doing in the app.