The Streetwise Difference

 Why do you need Streetwise GPS Trackers for your pets?

With the ever increasing numbers of Pets going missing, Streetwise Pets made available wearable GPS Tracking devices that your pet wears and is located via satellites and access on a smartphone app.

The devices are small and lightweight and do not cause any discomfort to the pet.

Tested, proven and trusted.

The demand for tracking cats is much higher than dogs, since felines tend to wander around as part of their hunting instinct.

Unfortunately more and more dogs are getting stolen to be either resold or used in illegal dog fighting or backyard breeding.


Why go with Streetwise Pets New Zealand?

1: Streetwise Pets is 100% NZ owned and operated.

2: Tested, Proven and Trusted. 

3: Affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

4: Extra- Ordinary service. We value each and every customer and want them to be satisfied with their product and the service they receive.