Difference between the Claws & Paws tracker vs K9 Ultimate Plus tracker

What is the difference between the two devices? 

Claws & Paws: 

1: Suitable for cats and very small dogs.

2:  Size and weight: 50mm x 33mm x 15mm. 32 Grams.

3: IP66 Water resistant to international standard. NOT WATERPROOF. 

4: Charging via USB Cable- Micro USB port for recharge. 5 V 1A OUTPUT. DO NOT USE FAST CHARGING. 

5: 450mAh.

6: Tracking via app on your smartphone. 




K9 Ultimate Plus: 

1: Suitable for Med-Large dogs. Feel free to send a message if your not sure which device to go with and I will send my recommendation. For most dogs I would go with the K9 device. 

2: Size and weight: 52mm x 38mm x 16mm. 36 grams.

3: IP67 Resistant- If your dog jumps into pools etc I suggest taking the device off as it is very well water resistant but not waterproof. 

4: Magnet Charging(Put the magnetic adsorption charging head on the back of the device; connect to a phone charger (5 V 1A output) to charge. DO NOT USE FAST CHARGING 

5: Battery: 1000mAh- For longer tracking. 

6:  Phone tracking. 

7: GPS Calling (You can call the device and it automatically answers and you can talk to your dog).

The K9 Ultimate Plus is a more solid device. Both devices use different apps.