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is a Young Kiwi Family business, with a Farming background, 100 % Owned and Operated in New Zealand.

HEARTY PAWS LIMITED understands How much People Love and Care for their Dogs, We feel the need to provide the right source of Food to do this.

HEARTY PAWS LIMITED is not only Committed to developing Delicious Products, We’re Devoted to Helping ALL Dogs Live a Healthy and Happy Life. Being a NEW ZEALAND MADE Product, we are very Passionate about providing a High Quality Dry Dog Food.

When you purchase a dog tracking unit from us you will receive a free sample of Hearty Paws dry dog food. If your dog loves this food as much as our dogs do then click the link below to order.


Portrait Artworks by Levin based Artist Vanessa. 

-Fine Art Portraits

-Graphite drawings & Colour Pastel Artworks done by Levin based artist Vanessa. 

Check out vanessasportraitart on Instagram and give her a follow. @vanessasportraitart • Instagram photos and videos




Our Mission- Friends with Tales Assists our Furry Friends across NZ find a second chance at love in a new family they can all their own. We support all rescues and pounds across the country showcasing and rehoming Furry Friends including farm animals. All animals deserve the chance to find a loving family. Friends with Tales also offers assistance for private rehoming of animals to ensure they go into a safe new environment.

We are here to offer support to all Animal parents by offering information on Training, Pet Care, Animal Education, Pet Needs and Emergency Care details. Friends with Tales, Turning Rescues into Fur Ever Friends

 Friends with tales


Cambridge Critter Care- 

Cambridge Critter Care offer professional and caring pet sitting, house sitting and dog walking services, they were established in 2015. They currently offer their services in Cambridge and Hamilton. Cambridge Critter Care have the best interests of your much loved pet at heart. Reach out to Mandy and go check her website out. Cambridge Critter Care – Complete Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service



For every order that comes through from the link on Evac 5% is given back to help Animal Evac. 


Vision: Our hope

  • An animal-inclusive and disaster resilient New Zealand.

Purpose: Why Animal Evac New Zealand

  • To address the significant animal welfare emergency management capability gap
  • To protect disaster affected animals in partnership with the community
  • To provide local response to support animal evacuation, sheltering and reunification.

Mission: What we do

  1. Promote animal-inclusive hazard mitigation, emergency preparedness and recovery
  2. Develop and maintain a regional capability of animal emergency responders
  3. Provide training and professional development in animal disaster management
  4. Provide initial response to support emergency services with the evacuation of animals and their temporary care
  5. Operate an animal evacuation database available for partner organisations to access to promote real-time collaboration and information sharing during a disaster
  6. Work with existing animal shelters for the ongoing care, reuniting or rehoming of evacuated animals
  7. Implement post-disaster community recovery projects for improving animal welfare and resilience to future events (i.e. microchipping, pet carrier, family emergency plans).
  8. Advocate for accountable and capable animal emergency management arrangements.

Values: How we do it

  • We are the leading voice for all animals affected by disaster
  • We act to do the right thing for the animals in a disaster management context
  • We develop local capacity to create animal inclusive community resilience
  • We hold to account those with responsibilities to protect animals from disaster
  • We inform our position and activities using best practice and scientific knowledge
  • We do not advocate on non-disaster related animal welfare issues.

 Animal Evac NZ – Kararehe whakawatea

Sazu Design

Custom designed Quilts, Mat Bags, Scrunchies, Face Masks, etc. Rachel will create something beautiful. Head to sazu_design on Instagram to connect. Handmade in New Zealand. Order through DMs.